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What is Stick Run without Items? Stick Run has a large variety of items. This items makes your Stick Man look trool is now free cool and awesome. They are divided into the categories and subcategoUltraries:

-Ultra Special Rares : Crazy Troll

-Ultra Rares : Pilot, Tikki Hat, Mistery Rare,mystery hand, Bro Cap,etc

-New Rares: Fset, Police, Golden Shoes, hockeystick,etc

-Good Rares:

High good rares: Zombie items, Blue Background, etc

Low good rares: Sunkey, Vader, Gasmask, etc.

-Premiums: Roman Hat, Troll Face, etc

-Event Rares: Bunny set, FIFA set, etc.

-Noob Rares: Santa Hat, etc.

-Animated Items: Headache, Rage, etc.

-Normal Items:  Roger that, Freaky, etc.

How do you get items?

Buying normal items and animated items in the Shop is an easy way to get items. You can buy premiums in the premiums shop, Good rares, Ultra Rares from Giftcodes, Event Rares by opening stick run during special events like Easter, Christmas, etc.

How do I get items for free?

You can get items for free by scamming. But scamming is not a legal thing, and you should not do that. You will get banned anyways.

Well, you can get items for free when you get donated and winning events. 

You can also pay for money. 

Trading Items:

Item trading is an easy way to get profit BUT the use of marketplace is your own risk due to scammers and hackers.

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