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Golden Shoes is an awesome and epic item in Stick Run. They are so shiny and bright that most the players love this shoes. It is somewhat similar to Diamond Shoes(Prem) but is much more awesome and costly that it.

In earlier days, Golden Shoes was very very expensive. It worth like 40 to 60 good rares at that time! Well 40 to 60 good rares are not much now, but they were much earlier. As more and more items were released and most of the players got a pair of Golden Shoes it became cheaper and cheaper. Now it is worth just 3-4 grs. Yes, that sad, scammers and hacker made it cheap.

Abilites: Golden shoes gives you all 3 abilities: Swifter, Faster and Higher.

It looks really good while running! Its design is just awesome.


Golden Shoes

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