Scamming is an illegal activity that may result in huge loss of money. In the same way, scamming in Stick Run is not a legal activity. Player might buy a lot of items with a lot of money but they often get scammed thus losing money and items. This is a little guide on how to avoid Scammers.

Tips on how to avoid Scammers:

1. Never trust people you don't know, never ever. Trust only your real life friends, they will never scam you.

2. Never trust doublers, unlockers. Trust me, you will get scammed. Just don't trust them and just ignore them.

3. Never trust what you see on screens. Players often hack fake items using Cheat Engine just to scam you.

4. Team Scammers. This is a dangerous way to get scam. 2 or more players make a scamming team just to show you that the leader is real doubler. They will force you to get into their plans and you will get scammed. Just don't trust, just ignore them.

5. Fake friends. This is the most dangerous way to get scammed. A guy will be your friends for many years, you put more and more trust on them. One day, they will just say that they wants to wear those valuable items of yours and will block you and never return.

6. Fake events. Someone may just post on facebook: Big Event! 2+2+3+4+2+4+6+2+5 Lucky Winner gets Super Double. Never trust.

7. Fake StickRun Team. Sometimes you see Manuel Otto saying: Donate Name of the guy win Tikki! Real StickRun Team members have the Stick Run team skin with the symbol of admin/mod. Always check before you trust. StickRun team members never do things like this. 


1. I got scammed and even reported to the Admins, they didn't help, why?

-Do you know that the Admins get 1000s of request like that everyday? Its your items and you are responsible for it. 

2. The admins banned the scammer but didn't return my items, why?

-They just can't do it. Like I said, its your responsibility.

3. How many players are scammers?

-As Djordje said in his video Types of Scammers and how to avoid them that 70% of Stick Run players are scammers.